Water has always been an issue in Colorado now it’s a global problem.

There is increasing public awareness of water quality, water issues, water rights and water conservation and there are educators, conservation groups, water districts, and industrial users who need to communicate in an environment conducive to education,  understanding and reasoning.   Opposing ideas and groups need to be brought together so that they can be explained, demonstrated and challenged.  

The Western Slope and the Colorado drainage are a microcosm of what is happening around the world.   Through education and challenge we will find a better way.

Glenwood is accessible to both East and West, it is the first City on the Colorado with sufficient infrastructure to support an expanding tourism market and a growing business in water management and water law. 

Glenwood is the perfect location for a HANDS ON water themed science fair a 'Water Exploratory.’ and the Confluence area and the buildings of the old Water Treatment Plant are the natural homes for this project.


It is proposed that the existing brick water treatment building be re-purposed into a hands on Science Exploratory dedicated to the SCIENCE, History and Conservation of Water called A WATER EXPLORATORY it will be educational as well as enjoyable.  The hands on experiments and exhibits will bring to life the issues and properties of water.


If the Frontier Historical Museum were to move into the existing Funeral Home building at the entrance to the site they could expand, the new location would greatly increase their visitor numbers with the high probability that the museum can start to pay its own way and have more money to spend on exhibiting the collections.  By re-purposing the buildings it keeps costs down and our Carbon footprint low. This would be a great location for the museum, close to the school, public and transport links, a space where they could offer a rich exhibition of WESTERN LIFE. It is also an appropriate setting in which to retain the Storm King Firefighters memorial which is currently at the front of the building.


The grounds will be landscaped into a garden riverside park with places to take your lunch or just sit and enjoy.  The Gardens will be used demonstrate to different kinds of flora and habitat and the Riparian environment will be restored.

Nature -    The Riverside Park

Science -  The Water Exploratory

History -   The Frontier Historical Museum


Through contracting out the park operations, services and catering the park will compliment not compete with local businesses but instead it will give them an opportunity to profitably participate.


The site will be opened up to River, Bike and Pedestrian access.


The City will retain all legal rights and title to the land and real estate.   If in time the Park was fortunate enough to receive Grant Aid, the money would be used only for improvements to the City owned property and for the benefit of the community.


A Non Profit will be established  to run the project,  called 'Confluence Park'  it is proposed that the Non- profit will have a Governance Board that will include Local; City, Business, Professional, Financial and Legal representation and at least two members of the public, ideally we would also like to see the RF School District and the Colorado River Authority on the Board.

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