Confluence Park


The Confluence area referred to on this website, is the crescent shaped piece of land bordered by the Roaring Fork River on the West side, the Funeral Home and 7th Street on the South, the Eastern and Northern perimeters are an 18 foot railway embankment that wraps around and runs the full length of the site very effectively cutting the whole site off from both access and view of the Colorado River.  As the track on the North is still live there is no possibility of this changing.  Although the site is compromised by the embankment it is also enhanced by the same, providing screening from civilization and a sense of separation, the site naturally slopes west to the Roaring Fork River on the West side, albeit hidden behind the current Bike Path.  The riparian environment has been degraded and is  planted with trees used to screen the site.     

The site is an industrial landscape of buildings, tanks and concrete pads.  The Tanks and possibly other parts of the site will need to be remediated in accordance with Federal and State Regulations. 

The site needs to be re-nourished, to be loved and cared for and it needs you me to help make that possible.

It is important that this small pocket of land retains it's integrity and is not sold in whole or part, traded or developed, this would result in ownership being lost from the community.   In the long term how much better if the City continues to own the land and property in whole for the benefit of the community in perpetuity and the improvements are shared by all.

The ideas contained on this website are all based on the premise that the City will continue to own all legal rights and title, as they do now.  

The confluence site is a 'Diamond in the Rough', the sweep of the land, the tanks and buildings bestow an industrial 'analogue' charm, and give the feeling of industrial heritage and productivity.

These proposals aim to make the best re-use of the site by bringing together Education and Recreation through Nature, Science and History.   The re-purposing of the existing buildings instead of starting from scratch not only saves a lot of money it is the greenest solution with a massive carbon saving.


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