Science can be fun!  

The Water Exploratory will be a science based educational attraction bringing to life the science and history of water through interactive experiments designed to fascinate children and entertain adults.

The design of the exhibits will invite the public to use them and to learn through the experience.  The science and history of water will be brought to life in a way that everyone can understand whatever their capabilities, background or origin. 

More than just experiments, we want to bring together the polarizing forces acting on Western Slope water, to create a crucible where East can meet West, Industry can meet Consumers, and Conservationists meet Energy producers.    The outcome will be sponsored exhibits and experiments that demonstrate the issues and provide an unbiased insight into the challenging problems.

The Exploratory will be housed in the old water treatment building.  Inside the space will be bright with bold colors and interesting artifacts, including some of the old machinery.  The exhibits and experiments will be designed with the input from local schools and colleges and will be ' HANDS ON'  to provide an interactive learning experience which will incorporate key learning points from the school curriculum.   

Whilst exhibits will be placed in logical sets there will be no specific route to take, each customer is free to make their own journey of discovery and fun in their own time.

Using the latest 3D virtual reality technology, virtual Bio Spheres will transport visitors to the worlds threatened climates zones and water habitats bringing to life the majesty and jeopardy of water. 

With the new technologies it may also be possible to house a small planetarium in one of the existing buildings or by re-purposing one of the tanks.

A multi language App will be developed which can be used by the public as an informative guide and include key messages during and after the experience.