In 2003 Glenwood Springs Community Planning commissioned an extensive and in depth study to determine the best use for the land and buildings of the disused water treatment plant at the confluence of the Colorado and Roaring Fork rivers.  The study culminated in an extensive and detailed report  providing pros and cons for each possible outcome.  The final and clear recommendation from the Consultants to the City was that the land should be owned by Glenwood and a new city park be established with pedestrian and bike access to the river.

Ten years later in 2013 a Consultant was engaged by the City of Glenwood and a new study was commissioned, only this time with a much smaller scope and reach.  The recommendation from this little known study is to sell the land to a developer who will build mixed use, shops, offices and apartments, the park would be reduced to a narrow strip of forecourt in front of the shops. This study was voted on and adopted by the City Council in 2018. In 2019 they are actively looking for a commercial Master Developer who will take the land from the City and deliver their plans.

This website sets out an alternative vision where the citizens of Glenwood retain ownership of this valuable land and establish an educational park run by a non profit for the benefit of the community the park will provide both a place to learn and a place to rest and enjoy the gardens and river.